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I started out in business as an Engineering Surveyor. Then managed an industrial chemical company. The Carpet Cleaning Industry became my passion in 1980.

Superclean Carpet Cleaners has been operating since then. With more than 30 staff back then, we have downsized to an Australian family business. Not only have I developed special operating technics in carpet cleaning, but also believe in customer service.

Since 1980

Superclean Carpet Cleaners cleans carpets, upholstery, cars, boats even aircraft. We can do curtains and hard floors like tiles and lino, marble etc. Carpet restoration such as flooded carpets and water-stained fabrics can also be done. This company can successfully do jobs that are beyond the capabilities of most others in this industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do carpets resoil quickly after being dry cleaned or spot cleaned?
    This is due to the sticky chemical residue left in the fibres thereby allowing dust and dirt to attach to the carpet.
  • How often should carpets be cleaned?
    Depends on usage but at the very least every 12 months because the carpet is fabric and like clothes, become stale with escalating levels of dust mites, spillages and dirt.
  • How can I stop carpets matting and wearing out so fast?
    By using a method that extracts dirt and residue from the base and the pile of the carpet. If this dirt is not removed it acts like sandpaper. By removing this dirt you reduce agitation.
  • Can some carpets shrink?
    Some carpets can shrink but only if carpets are flooded or carpet joins are faulty.
  • How long is drying time?
    On average 4 hours but dependant on fibre and how soiled the carpet was to start with.
  • In an emergency what to do if a spill occurs e.g. red wine
    Soak up the liquid colour by putting a large amount of salt on the spill, allow it to sit for a while to soak up the liquid and then dry vacuum.
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